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Comments: Plaxico Burress actions

December 02, 2008 2:19 pm – published in The New York Times:

While Burress’ actions are irresponsible and contemptuous, either because of his conferred or assumed “celebrity” status, he is not above the law; whether he had an expired permit from Florida to carry a concealed weapon, which applies to neither New Jersey, where he lives, nor New York, where he was partying. What defies rationale, is if he is going to a club, why did he feel it necessary to “pack heat,” and while there is a blame game going on into the comedy of errors, has anyone thought to question the club’s promoters and owners about their policies not to allow weapons and firearms into their establishment, what does that mean for their liquor license, and was it because of Burress’ status that he, perhaps wasn’t searched at the door, denied entry or had his weapon taken for safe keeping?
Also, how stupid could Burress be, at a time when the world and every little Black boy is looking to identify with sorely needed Black role models: the country and world just took a deep breath with the election of Barack Obama, who has become a role model at a time when other Black personalites who were put on pedestals and through their own shortsightedness, for want of a better descriptive, have been depedestaled in disgrace and ignominy. Couldn’t Burress see beyond himself and his ego, that his stellar performance on the field to help his team win the Super Bowl made him instantly a role model, with duties and responsibilities to carry and execute and that many people, especially, young Black men and boys would be looking up to him as an example of success?


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