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Gossip and Sensation tied to papers’ sales

Here is another dimension to the NY Post cartoon furor. While the NY Post can claim under the First Amendment, freedom of expression and the right of a free press, the cartoon can also be seen as an incitement, provocation or at the very extreme, treasonous, in advertising for the death of the president. And, while that may be so, it would be good to remember also, that of the large numbers who voted for President Obama, there were also a number of people who did not,most of which are based on race. The NY Post, Murdoch and NewsCorp, Murdoch’s U.S. news conglomerate, caters to this minority racial element.

Additionally, Murdoch’s publications are only concerned with muck-raking and gossip, as is the “tabloid” mentality, not real, true news. Is it possible that in this environment where newspapers are struggling to stay in business, where advertising as the mainstay of newspapers is drying up, that the NY Post’s action is designed to increase the numbers of those who would buy and read the paper and the advertisers who would get on board? In fact, a surge in their newspaper and advertising sales from this cartoon, may have singlehandedly resulted in a sharp infusion of money into the papers, may have saved it from cuts.

Think also of the effect of negative publicity, it sells. In today’s American sensationalist, gossipy culture negative publicity is better than positive news, why? Because positive news lacks the edge to bring in the advertisers who by aligning themselves with the Post, sends a clear message to the readers about where they stand. Thus, not only looking at the newspapers, but looking at the advertisers; people should take a careful look at those who advertise with the NY Post.

However, even with the advertisers it is cyclical as it is with the newspapers: if the Post didn’t print something provocative to generate controversy to have more advertisers buy ads to sell more papers, then many at the Post would probably loose their jobs, and for the advertisers, who would get increased attention from a controversial print publication, take a gamble, but knowing that people would want and need their commodities or services, and they have business that depend on the success of the advertisement, where people would buy the papers, see the ads and go patronize the businesses; means that those businesses can keep their doors open a little longer and keep a few more people employed.

There has to be a way to break those two inter-connnected cycles.

At this turning point in America’s history, the mentality of the American people fed up with the petty nastiness and meanness amplified in the Bush eight years, is calling for a new order, a different way, a more mature and less racist and discriminatory, a more embracing and inclusive American culture; that is in keeping with the ideals of the rest of the world.


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