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BBC retaining impartiality, hypocrisy!

The BBC World News and BBC Middle East Website do not allow any opportunities to post a comment about the BBC opting not to air an appeal for assistance for the people of Gaza. As one of the commentators on BBC America, hosted by Matt Frei, this evening, alluded to the BBC’s hypocritical stance when he compared the BBC’s  charity aid broadcasts for the people of Darfur and Somalia, and have refused to broadcast an appeal for the people of Gaza. The director of the BBC talked about retaining impartiality and objectiveness.

I wonder if perhaps since the BBC is owned and funded by the British government, and it was the British government that was responsible for the partitioning and division of the Palestinian people to make way for the Jews, that they don’t want to get their hands dirty again, or be reminded that they were responsible for the chaos and destruction, and humiliation of the Palestinian people by the Jews. Could it be that there was Jewish pressure on the BBC not to broadcast appeals for aid for the Palestinian people?  Could it be that the Israelis want to exterminate or mete out to the Palestinians what was visited on them as a people in Europe and Russia? I wonder who was behind the intensity of the news broadcasts worldwide, especially in the U.S. showing the horror and suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Jews, in this latest round of atrocities. I wonder, too, at how the Jews have become a protected class: didn’t they use their influence and control of various economic strata to enhance their preferred status, setting themselves apart, and earning them the hatred and venom of the European world pre-World War II? Is it any wonder, however, that the Jews regard any criticism by labeling the critic as anti-Semite, would they level the same accusation against the Palestinian people, who are Semite people like them? If as the world is rapidly moving to a place where, as a result of climate change effects on peoples and a slow down in the global economy, people are coming together to forge stronger alliances and build relationships for survival, that the people of Israel cannot see their determination to hold on to land that is not theirs as passe, then they are so stuck in the past!


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