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Rent Assistance 4 NYC Residents: R U HIV-Positive and symptomatic? Denied assistance by HASA? R U Undocumented?

R U HIV-positive and Symptomatic? Were U denied assistance by HASA? R U undocumented?

If there is anyone or anyone who knows someone who is in rent arrears or needs rental assistance: contact Hispanic AIDS Forum (HAF), Inc., by calling 212-868-6230

If you are you have to be: HIV positive and symptomatic, be denied assistance by HASA, and is in need of rental assistance.

By being HIV-positive and symptomatic, a person who is HIV positive must have documented by their physician that they are showing the signs of being HIV-positive, and their CD4 count is below 200, which technically means they have converted to AIDS, but if their lymphocyte count is 14% or less, they could qualify for assistance. Also, by being symptomatic, a person would have signs, have had or been treated for an opportunistic infection, including STDs. A person would have to produce a M11Q Form filled out by their doctor.

Someone denied assistance by the HIV/AIDS Service Administration (HASA), an agency in the City’s Human Resource Administration, means that the person is ineligible for city and state financial assistance, as in Food Stamps, etc. As a result, the person would have applied for Public Assistance and be denied, and have the correspondence from HASA to prove that they were denied, generally, because that person is undocumented or without legal status in the country.

Anyone needing assistance with their rent, which if they qualify, HAF will pay their ongoing rent, rather than have that person evicted or become homeless. A person in need, with the required documentation, should contact HAF by Jan 31.


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